Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scrappy little house

My scrap box was starting to look a little threatening again so I made a (barely perceptible) dent in it by making another house. I love how unstructured these are (the process, I mean.)

Garment-making is still so new to me and I get easily discouraged when something doesn't turn out quite right. So to have the freedom to just be creative and enjoy the process of "making" is nice.

I've been hanging onto that turquoise button for about 8 years now. It was waiting for a home!

That number print is one of my favorites. I have about a yard of it stashed away for something special (don't know what yet.)

We were rewarded at the end of a dreary, rainy day yesterday with a little magic. My son has figured out how to raise one eyebrow - and make me crack up without fail:)

Happy Mothers' Day!


  1. hah! love the new skill :)

    these houses are so awesome. i'm so glad to see you still make them, you ought to have a little village!

  2. Such a cute little house! Your McCalls 5525 coat is turning out beautiful. Funny thing, I made this same view of this same pattern last year, using dark grey wool and a bright raspberry lining, very similar to yours! Great minds think alike...
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Mum's jacket. She was thrilled to get so many compliments!

  3. That is awesome (both the little house and the eybrow raising).