Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't get too close to me...

I've been busy killing off my appliances one by one. I was briefly thrust back into the dark ages with the loss of both my washing machine and refrigerator in the same week. Please excuse the drama but this is a big deal when you have a five year old and two four year olds.

But my sewing machine is fine so it isn't all that bad. On to more jackets!
McCalls 5525 has been frantically trying to get my attention. I figured it was time to give it try while I was on my jacket streak (if you consider two jackets to be streak.) These pictures were taken with my phone because my camera has jumped on the malfunction bandwagon.

I chose a soft grey suiting (mostly polyester, I think) and a bright fuchsia lining. It's not quite done and I hit a few snags along the way (you might notice my jacket will button opposite from the one shown on the envelope.) Despite the snags I love it! I just need to hem it and add the buttons/buttonholes.

A peek at the lining in the pocket. (By the way, the pockets in this pattern are ridiculously shallow - if anyone plans to sew this one I would definitely recommend making the pocket bags twice as deep!)

Happy weekend everyone!
Jackie :)


  1. Pretty coat and love the bright lining. It may just be the photo, but the hems don't seem to align in the front.

  2. Hi Gail! I was sloppy when I pinned it closed on the dress form. The hems will (hopefully!) line up when I place the buttons.

  3. oh that collar. that lining! and those CUFFS! who CARES if it buttons the opposite way!

    i do care, however, that my blog links doesn't update you in my sidebar. whenever i add or sort my links i see that mean little red x by tuddelei. i actually talk out loud to the computer: SHE'S ON BLOGGER, HOW CAN YOU NOT GET HER UPDATED?!

    i talk really loud.