Monday, February 28, 2011

Halloween flashback and peplums

I was a little ambitious this past Halloween and made costumes for everyone in our family. Four out of five included a jacket or vest of some sort and I really enjoyed putting them together. I was most happy with the vests I made for my daughters, who are four, and wanted to be "fairy princess butterflies". I translated this into lots of tulle and sparkles (and wings, of course.)

I loved the look of McCalls 4887 mainly for the vests (the little dresses and skirts could easily be made without the pattern.) Below is the picture on the envelope:

I chose a pink brocade for each girl and was so happy with the results.

My sister kept asking me to make an adult-sized one for her. She kept asking until I realized she was serious.

I think she liked the peplum and the romantic feel of the brocade.

So I finally decided to try to make her something similar (minus the wings.)

I'm definitely not able to draft my own pattern for something like this so I went looking for a jacket pattern that featured a peplum (I figured a jacket would be more useful than a vest.)
I found several that I liked, including McCalls 5980 (shown above.) I still may try this one out even though it's very similar to the one I bought.

In the end I decided to try Vogue 8601. It had a more romantic rounded feel to it...though I'm not sure if that is technically considered to be a peplum or if they're just called tails because there is a slit up the back? Erica at Erica B.'s DIY Style made this jacket some time ago using a brown tweed and it looks beautiful in the photos!

I also found a very pretty brocade with pale yellow flowers and a soft teal lining. I couldn't decide between the two buttons at the store so I brought both home.

I think these are the better fit.

I cut and sewed a muslin (no pictures due to the absurd hour that I finished it) and only changed the sleeve length (though the shoulders may be a tiny wide but I'm not yet comfortable enough to alter that part of the pattern.)

So on to cutting the brocade and lining. Wish me luck!

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