Friday, February 25, 2011

Vogue 1153 and Negroni Update

I'm still here and still sewing! I finally got a chance to finish Vogue 1153. It's such a cute little dress (and I do mean little!) I'm on the tall side so I planned to wear this as a tunic rather than lengthen the pattern. I don't wear that many dresses and I thought this would look great over black leggings.

I chose a pretty purple floral - I don't have much purple in my wardrobe and I really liked this one.

A little purple ghost appeared in my kitchen as I was taking photos:)

It came together quickly (I serged all the edges that the pattern suggested rather than attempting to hem that slippery fabric! )

Some of the details got a little lost in the print - like the ribbon and buttons at the waist.

It's a very cute dress/top but I've already passed it on to my sister. She loved it and I don't think it flatters my body type. It was fun to sew though!

And on to Negroni...
Here are some shots of the muslin I made following along with Peter's Negroni sew-along. I had so much fun making this and I learned some new techniques. I can now check off my list: flat-felled seams, button holes (yes button holes terrified me!), and just a general attention to detail and process that I was lacking before.

The muslin fits OK though it may be on the snug side. I have to wait for my husband to get back from vacation to recheck the fit. I finally found the right fabric for the final shirt while shopping at one of my favorite quilt shops.

This red plaid has such a nice feel to it...on the lighter side and very soft. Perfect for spring.

So that's what I've been doing. I'm also in the middle of putting together a jacket (also for my sister.) The fabric is so pretty...I'll get some pictures up soon!

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  1. Your dress looks very cute. I have this guilty feeling every time I see a men's shirt post. In 31 years together, I've never sewn for my husband.