Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Shifty One

Oh, this one nearly drove me nuts. I had planned on an easy re-do of this long floral dress (80's maybe?) I had plenty of fabric to work with though there were some tears and stains to work around.

The fabric was on the thin side and very "flowy".

And a little crinkly even after ironing with a steam iron - which is a nice texture but it makes it hard to work with! It shifted all over the place and nearly drove me crazy.

A few repairs here and there were called for. This one fell right in the middle of one of the front seams.

I had a tunic in mind rather than a dress, this hits about mid-thigh.

I love pin tucks and they look nice with this type of fabric. The front looks a teeny bit funny because I had to leave the original seams in place and sew tucks over them which created a bit of bulk but not too bad. There's a zipper up the left side.

A pretty tie in back gives it a nice shape.

Overall I like the outcome but I don't think I'll be hunting for this type of fabric anytime soon. It was so slippery and unwieldy!

Another one done out of the pile. Only three (?) left! I may need to go thrifting soon...

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  1. sooo cute!
    love the re-do.
    that fabric is sooo cute!