Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can I make something for you?

One of the things I love about sewing blogs (and the wonderful people who write them) is the generosity and sense of community they bring.

I've learned almost everything I know about sewing from browsing the internet and I would be lost without this community. A tutorial on hand-worked buttonholes? Click! Zippers? Gotcha covered! Origami cranes as hair clips? Sure!

This generosity extends to sharing their work as well! I learned about "Pay it Forward 2011" from Oonaballoona and I was so in!

So it works like this: the first five people to comment on this post will get a little package from me containing something that I've made (that you, hopefully, will like!)

The catch is that you must agree to do the same, hence, "pay it forward".

Sound like fun?

I don't tend to get more than a comment or two on my posts so we'll see how this goes:)

Ok, GO!


  1. I'm in. How does it work exactly?

  2. Hi Barbi! The rules are (as I read them on Oonaballoona's blog): you will receive a package from me containing something that I have made. In exchange you will offer to do the same for five of your blog readers. If you send me your address to jackie (at), I'll get your package in the mail!

  3. Wow, Jackie!!! I got the package today - it's beautiful!!! Thanks!


  4. Count me in too. Finally have time since the selling of my house. As always I'm so impressed with your blog and the beautiful things you make. Excited to start sewing again now that I've finally got the time. Thanks for keeping the blog going. I refer to it frequently. Hopefully I'll se you soon.

  5. I work with your mom who showed me your website. She is always coming in with wonderful items! I can't sew but I could knit to pay it forward if that is acceptable.

    Janet Beal

  6. Am I too late to the game??? I just found your blog by googling Vogue 8601. Erica B wore hers the other day, and I had hearts shooting out of my eyes. But then I found yours, and I like it even better! Now I'm reading your blog all the way through. Here's hoping you come back to it!