Sunday, April 3, 2011


Oh muslins. They make life so much easier but so much more difficult. I swear I have sewing ADD and almost never sew the same pattern twice. This poses a problem when it comes to muslins.

But, I'm determined to do this right and it was definitely a good thing I checked my jacket pattern for fit. I've already added two inches to the length so it doesn't button across my boobs (not very stylish, I guess.)

I also added about 1/2 inch to each princess seam in the bust so it lays a bit straighter (as per Sherry's suggestion.)

And I redistributed the ease in the sleeve cap to favor the front, rather than the back, to eliminate the drag lines across the shoulder. I could probably use a forward shoulder adjustment but I've never done one and I'm not quite ready to try.

Other than those issues I love the shape and fit!

I decided to underline the shell pieces with white muslin. The fabric is a quilters' cotton and it's a little too lightweight for a jacket, even with the lining added, and I think the muslin will help it wear better too.

I layered the main fabric over the muslin as I cut the pieces to make sure they were identical then I stitched all around the outside 1/4 inch from the edge. It really gives the fabric a nice weight and feel, and the white behind it also brightens the print.

I'm on to piecing the jacket shell and I can already see an improvement in the fit as a result of the pattern adjustments. Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!

Jackie :)


  1. this is like, rocket science. i'm ever in awe of the brainpower it takes to see the adjustments needed and then correctly make them. (anyone..ahem, me, can incorrectly make them!). it looks like it's gonna be stunning!

    and i LOVE that fabric. off to check that site out...

  2. Thanks Oona! Though I'll admit I'm just adjusting based on the suggestions of others:)

  3. Beautiful fabric and the muslin looks great.

  4. I'm with oonaballoona; I think adjusting a muslin is really hard, so well done to you - this jacket is looking great!