Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready to go!

Okay, break's over.

Do you ever have those days? The ones where you swear you'll give up sewing because nothing ever works out the way you hoped? I've only recently starting sewing clothing so I have to keep reminding myself that every new project is a learning experience - even the ones that don't work. Some days I find it's best to pack my things away and ignore them for awhile.

So I'm feeling a little better. And ready to start sewing with Sherry at Paper~Scissors~Cloth!

She is hosting a jacket sew-along and I am so excited to get started! Ever since I made a jacket for my sister I've been thinking about making one for myself. While I'd love to make the same style I thought I'd get more use out of a lighter jacket so I chose Butterick 5469 view C (the white one below.)

I'm almost done with the muslin and I can already tell I need to add to the length both in the body of the jacket and the sleeves but the rest fits great.

I wanted something floral, cheerful, and a little different from my usual style (i.e. black, white, grey, etc.) So I chose this pretty print from Michael Miller designed by Laura Gunn. It's a quilters' cotton, which I typically steer clear off when sewing clothing, but this has a different feel to it and I plan to underline it to give it more weight (anyone have experience with underlining?)

If you haven't been to Laura's site it is definitely worth a click. She is an amazing painter and her fabric is based on her paintings. Here are some other fabrics from the same line:

The girl has talent!

So I'm hoping this project will get me out of my little slump and I'll actually have something to show at the end of the sew-along. Happy weekend!


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