Monday, January 10, 2011

"Are you really going to save that?"

I know I'm not alone here...I think most sewers (of any kind) are loath to throw away any scrap of fabric, no matter how small. I also think quilters are especially compulsive about this. We all seem to have that box/basket/bag of teeny tiny bits of fabric that we just *know* we'll use someday. My sewing life began with quilting so my box is always teeming with scraps that stare at me woefully, waiting to be used. So every now and then I take them out and make little things that don't really serve a purpose (yet).

I made a bunch of these little (slightly wonky) log cabin blocks. They've each got a piece of batting behind them but the edges are just turned over and machine-stitched down. They're like little 3 inch quilts.

Not quite sure what to do with them yet.

Mount them onto card stock and use them as greeting cards, maybe?

I've thought of making a series of coordinating ones and framing them together in one frame.

This is my favorite, I think.

But for now I'll just hang onto them. Because I just *know* I'll use them someday;)

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