Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blue Gingham

I felt like it was time to rework another dress. I have about 10 or 12 left to do with a deadline of April so I'm trying to stay on track. Next up was a blue gingham high-necked dress made from very thin cotton - almost felt like I should line it but I didn't. It had a bit of "Little House" appeal to it so I felt a little bad cutting it up.

The front opened at the buttons along the left side.

The waist was just a thin elastic sewed to the inside. It was losing it's elasticity so I replaced it with a new one.

I decided to take apart the front and move both the ruffles and the buttons to the center of the bodice.

I also took it in a few inches and lowered the neckline. I used bias tape on the insides of the neckline and armholes rather than make facings. Finally I shortened the skirt by a few inches.

I think the result is cute and definitely wearable.

My Lola seems to like it!

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