Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewing for the girls...

There's nothing like snowy, slushy, yucky weather to make you want to sew...skirts? It must be a craving for Spring. I've had these skirts on my make list for some time now.

First up, the adorable (and popular) Insa skirt from Farbenmix. This is such a great pattern! I decided to eliminate the yoke portion of the skirt to shorten it a bit. I didn't love the way it hung so low with the yoke included (though it may be more suitable for a different fabric and for older/taller girls.)

I loved these bright cheery colors (I've now forgotten the line of fabric though!)

A version in Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms for girl #2. (She's worn it three days straight - I think she likes it!) Really, these skirts came together so nicely and quickly - even with the hand-gathered ruffles (I really need to buy that ruffler attachment!)

Next up was a skirt I've been wanting to make for myself. The Reinvention Skirt from Maya has such an easy breezy feel to it. I thought it would be perfect for spring (or earlier layered over leggings.) I also love the idea of using those worn out t-shirts we all have languishing in our bottom drawers!

I added a doily just as Maya has done, an underskirt, and a little ruffle along the overskirt.

I used the existing t-shirt hem on the underskirt and left the hem on the overskirt raw as well as the ruffle edges.

Unfortunately, I made it a bit smaller than I had intended. I wanted something a couple of sizes larger and just a tad longer. It's a bit clingy for my taste but I love the basic look of it.

I definitely plan on recreating the same skirt in a larger size. When the warmer weather rolls around we'll be ready!

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