Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was getting itchy about my fabric scraps again. I try to limit myself to one box of little scraps (notice I didn't include big scraps here - those are in a bigger box) and when it starts to overflow I make an effort to use some up.

I have a variety of patterns and colors (mostly 100% cotton) leftover from quilt projects. I've endeavored to use these little pieces in a number of different ways, like here, but I got to thinking about making something wearable with them.

So I pulled out my sundress pattern (which has gotten a lot of use lately!), cut the bodice pieces out of muslin, and started laying strips of fabric on top.

Then I took them to my machine and topstitched like crazy - until I felt sure the strips were completely secure.

I've used this technique before to make these little house sculptures.

(Sorry for the blurriness.)

I pieced the bodice together and while I really like the result I'm not sure where to go next. (It's not lined yet so all the edges are raw.)

A big puffy white skirt with layers of organza? (You know, something practical.) Something close fitting? Or should I just line it and leave it as a top? What about straps?

Here's a close-up of the quilting. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcomed!

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