Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thrifting and antiquing - amateur night!

Our family lives in a great little tourist town on Cape Cod. It's waaayyy out there on the tip and it's beautiful. But. We're a good 45 minute drive to most of the places we need to go. We have a grocery store in town, of course, and lots of cute little shops (most of which aren't open in the winter) but I spend a lot of time in the car. Especially because my kids go to school an hour away. Three days a week (my husband does the other two) I drop them off and spend the next six hours basically waiting for them. I go to the gym and run errands mostly (I think the women at JoAnns think I'm stalking them) but recently I have caught the thrifting and antiquing bug. Cape Cod is full to the brim with amazing antique and thrift shops. How I have failed to take advantage of this until now is a mystery to me.

So, stop blabbing and start sharing some recent finds, right?

Vintage dress pattern for little girls, size 6. My girls are a size 5 right now. Perfect!

I can't wait to make this one!

Another size 6. I like the top on view B. Both patterns were $.25.

Very pretty floral fabric. A nice weight for a skirt or a dress. Two yards for $1.25.

My favorite so far, found at an antique mall. Three yards of old lace (not sure exactly how old). It's about 5 inches wide and so pretty. I'll be saving this for something special! $16.00 and worth every penny!

I love love love old christmas ornaments. My mom has a collection (from her childhood) and they are so nostalgic for me. I've started my own collection and have found quite a few so far. I found this box at the same antique mall for $15.00.

Another box from a thrift/consignment shop, $9.00.

(Same box.)

Another thrift shop find, $10.00.

Big jar of white buttons, $7.00. I'm sure I will use some of these for my husband's Negroni shirt (almost done, pictures soon!)

And finally, a big bag of old lace, $12.00. I was drawn to it for the pale green, sequined piece on top.

Another to be saved for something special.

So that's it! But now that I've caught the bug there will be plenty more to come. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. oh i am so jealous of those christmas ornaments!!!