Saturday, March 12, 2011


The deadline to finish my vintage dress project looms (the owner of the shop returns mid-April and opens for the season shortly after.) I know there is a lot of flexibility on her part but if I don't have a deadline (even if it's self-imposed) I'll never finish. So, out came another dress.

I stared at this one for a couple of days trying to decide what to do. In the end I went with a short little sundress, much like the others. (You can see them here, here, here, here and here.)

I thought I would keep the bodice yellow and cut the skirt short to eliminate the flowers.

When I arranged it this way it looked pretty boring so I kept the flowers and yellow hemline, and eliminated the yellow bodice.

I think this was the right way to go. It's pretty, girly and summery.

I added a lining to the bodice and sewed the old label back on.

I also reused the yellow zipper (sorry for the blurry shot.) Another one down...just a couple left! Thanks for looking:)

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